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The work place is changing with an increasing number of Freelance (Contractors, Temps, Consultants) workers. Our objective is to provide a global infrastructure that makes it easier to employ Freelancers than full time employees.

The Challenge

Uncertainties Concerning Employment: Increasingly HMRC have been looking at whether individuals such as contractors, not currently regarded to be employees, should in fact be treated as such. As the employment liabilities lie with the employer a company does not want to be caught in a situation where they are deemed to have employees but have not deducted PAYE. The liabilities for the company are onerous and punitive.
Human Resource Overhead: Once individuals are deemed employees, the company is saddled with a human resource overhead and further tax considerations. Employment legislation over years has become increasingly complex, making it difficult to maintain flexible working arrangements thus creating a long term overhead for the company.
Liabilities from claims: the UK is becoming an increasing litigious society and employers are firmly in the headlights of employment lawyers. By having employees, the company’s insurance premiums will continue to increase, and has been seen in other sectors, they will soar as employment lawyers increase their attention on the construction industry.
Competitive Edge: The cost of managing the Human Resource position to avoid the consequences of failure to comply with ever changing compliance adds significant costs to any business. These costs are either absorbed by reduced margins or price a company out of a tender. By removing the Human Resource burden either the cost of a contract can be reduced or margins can be protected.
Employee Retention: The nature of traditional employment structures does not tend to garner employee loyalty as the focus is purely on rates of return. UHR offers all employees the opportunity to participate in the company’s success and future growth giving the employees an interest in the on-going achievements of the business. Such participation is proven to be beneficial to all parties meaning the cost of employee turnover is greatly reduced.

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Our Solution

      • Create your own legal entity structured to maximise your lifetime income
      • Corporate and personal benefits packages that make it as easy to be a freelancer as an employee
      • A global structure that allows everyone to minimise their costs and maximise their retained income
      • A matching service to help excellent agencies and contractors find each other
      • A single technology platform to automate the entire process; Employer – Agent – Freelancer