Freelancing is a lifestyle choice that gives you the flexibility and financial benefits of being your own boss but the security of a larger organisation paying for your time and skills. However, for most people the administration and legal issues are time consuming and stressful. In addition most financial services are geared towards full time employees.

Our objective is to make it easier to be a freelancer than to be employed. We manage all the administration, provide the benefits package you want and then ensure you have access to all the products and services you need. Whilst at the same time ensuring you maximise the amount of money you retain now and during your life without risk or hassle. This is achieved with:

  • Your own company that allows you to work for anyone, anywhere, forever
  • Visibility so you can promote yourself and find more suitable roles
  • Access to flexible workspace near you as you need it
  • The ability to access the best financial products (mortgages, credit, pensions, insurance) as you would if you were an employee
  • Networking infrastructure (online and face to face events) to help you improve, grow and find more work
  • Premium benefits; discounts, Airport lounge access
  • Personal financial planning

We are currently building our freelancer search services to help agencies find you.

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